Ethno village Trbović


Ethno village Trbović is located on the border of Suvobor and Rudnik mountains, in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac, 15 kilometers away from the city of Gornji Milanovac, about 100 km away from Belgrade.

The village is isolated from the city noise and is an ideal place for a holiday. Outside of rush of today, the ethno village Trbović takes you back to nature. This is the place where you rest and fill with enjoy your eyes and soul. Located in the surroundings of forests, flower meadows and orchards, tucked and hidden, bordered by streams and springs of drinking water.

ethno village trbovic    ethno village trbovic

Outside of the ethno village there is a big parking. Parking is spacious and suitable for both cars and buses and is free of charge.

Apartments and all objects in the ethno village Trbović are made of natural materials, stone and wood, and its architecture fits into the environment. In the village center are located a swimming pool and pond. Around them there are fountains, bridges and bungalows with benches, hammocks and other details.

Baking oven, barbecue and cauldrons are located in one of the summer houses. This is the place where the local cuisine specialties are prepared for all guests of the village. In addition to these specialties, you can try the homemade food: cheese, cream cheese, jams and many others. All specialties are prepared in ethno village Trbović, or nearby and are of exceptional quality. Spring water is free for drinking.

For the people who enjoy sports and recreations there are a swimming pool and pond with a boat that can be used by all guests of the village Trbović. If you want to try fishing in pond you have to ask for our permission. You can rent bicycles and quads in ethno village as well.

ethno village trbovic

Ethno village Trbović is located in Rudnik-Takovo region. This entire region is full of historical, cultural and other interesting destinations. We can organize field trips for our guests to following destinations, which are located near our ethno village: historical complex and the Museum of King Alexander in Takovo, Rudnik mountain, an extinct volcano Ostrvica, Monastery of Vracevsnica, the old wooden house of Milos Obrenovic, spring and Church of Saint Sava in Savinac and a trip to the Rajac mountain.

Ethno Village Trbović is categorized with four stars, which confirms the quality of our services. Our best recommendation are our guests - once they have come in our village, they always come back!



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